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  • how to get Mail address from a Word document

    怎样在word文档里提取出所有的邮箱地址这几天在找邮件,用公司原有的群发EMAIL 平台做群发每周简讯,但遇到一个提取邮箱的问题。昨天在网上找了一个网页,有3000多个邮箱地址,美国电子行业采购商的,把MAIL地址和公司名称,联系人名称混在一起的,不象EXCEL文档直接按列就可以提取EMAIL地址了。本想一个一个的处理,整了一个小时不到200个,看看这到什么时候呀,就在网上打如何在WORD里面提取

  • some photo on Facebook

    There is some photo on facebook about bike , I save here , you can the beautiful bike and the stong man or girl on the bike .

  • The bicycles in GUM store of Moscow.

    The bicycles in GUM store of Moscow.After visit Red Square in Moscow , I goto Gum store. I find a lot of beautiful bicycle showed in the store. I take picture for them and share here. how beautiful th

  • EN15194 EPAC Standard for Safe e-Bikes

    On April 30, 2009 the EN 15194 standard for Electronically Power Assisted Cycles (EPAC) was officially announced by the National Standards Boards (NSBs) of 30 countries (27 EU member states and Icelan

  • Visit 2017 Shanghai International Bike Fair

    From 6th May 2017 to 8th, Our manage Mr Robert Hou and Mr Fang visited 2017 Shanghai International Bike Fair, find a lot of new model of Electric Bike.

  • Electric bicycle

    From Wikipedia Electric bicycleAn electric bicycle, also known as an e-bike or booster bike, is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. There are a great var

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